Graham Davies – One Man Show

Born in 1963 in Southeast London, Graham is a self taught artist and has been painting since he was around 10 years old.
He paints cityscapes and landscapes in oil, watercolour and mix media. He is particularly interested in bringing to life landscapes associated with London, his home town. One of Graham’s main fascinations is the River Thames. “I love the dry docks; I wish some of the old buildings could have been saved as the modern structures which replaced them are not so interesting to me”.
Graham paints plein air as much as possible, in all weathers, as he finds this really helps capture the atmosphere of the place he’s ┬ápainting. “This year I have been lucky enough to have been accepted as a guest member with the Wapping group of artists. They meet at different locations up and down the Thames to paint plein air. It has been a great experience to paint with these guys and has really boosted my confidence”.

In September, Graham is having a one man show, and will be exhibiting his wonderful paintings at Studio 61 again.

Watch this space for more details!!