Reconnecting Threads

In June Reconnecting Threads sees the return of textile artists Glammamamma and Purpleclaire, who exhibited at Studio 61 in 2012.  These ladies knit, weave, crochet, and stitch using a variety of traditional and innovative materials.  Exhibits will include framed pieces, vessels, jewellery, wearable art, and hangings.

Claire likes to knit without a pattern; using a freeform style to explore colour and texture. She knits landscapes, garments, and multi-purpose pieces. Her knitting and weaving incorporates yarns of many kinds, natural objects, recycled objects and other unexpected materials.

Preferring not to use her real name, Glammamamma continues to explore a craft often associated with a feminine tradition, with the use of hand knit, crochet, knitting machine, and weaving as a mixed media. This is then combined with old and vintage knit and crochet paper patterns, to highlight the struggles faced by women; particularly those who came to the UK in the 1950′s, 60′s, and beyond.